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Ro Krom

About the Artist

Drummer, singer, MC, DJ, beat creator, producer and stage personality, Krom has been active in music since 1983. He began of as punk rock drummer (Beatcream, TV Babies), then later played with Dutch #1 Go Go Funk band Gotcha! (collaboration with George Clinton and his P-Funk allstars). Ro’s eclectic presence in the music scene brought gigs from Lucas van Merwijk’s Drums United, Gerardo Rosales’ “Groove Around The Globe Collective,” Nico Brandsen’s Hammond soul band “‘Fishpot”, to breakbeat soul orchestra OLaBOLA and his current band, dancefunk sensation Kraak & Smaak.
Krom plays Gretsch New Classic drums.

Kit 1 - 18”bass drum
12” tom
14” floor tom
G4160 metal snare
Gibraltar stands

Kit 2 - 22” bass drum
14” tom
16” floor tom
G4160 metal snare
Gibraltar stands

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