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Hernan Aramberri

About the Artist

Born in Bs. As., Argentina, in the year 1966, began his professional career having in several bands from the year 1986, with the characteristic of not only to touch the drums but also of working on the sound and the production of the same ones. Dedicated to the teaching from the year 1988, he continues nowadays giving particular lessons, courses and clinics of drums, midi, electronic percussion, and technology applied to the music.

From the year 1993 I form a part of the independent group mas important of Argentina: " Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota ", popularly so called " Los Redondos ", first in aspect technical and then as permanent musician. With them I take part in the recording of your last four discs, getting out of a jam itself like drummer, programmer midi and person in charge of operating in Protool and Nuendo, taking part of the recordings and mixings.

Together with the band I inform of multitudinous shows, in the most important stadiums of the Argentina, such as “River Plate”, “Racing Club”, “Mario Alberto Kempes”, “Huracan”, or “Centenario” of Montevideo, Uruguay.

From the year 2002 he, continues his career together with the Indio Solari, ex-leader, singer and producer of " Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota ", getting out of a jam himself, like drummer, technical person in charge of the recording studio "Luzbola", working and intervening in the musical productions.

In the year 2005, of the hand of the Indio Solari, he contributes to the formation of the band " Los Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado ", being Musical Director, appearing in different stadiums of the Argentina, such as “Estadio Unico de La Plata”,” Jesus Maria”, “Tandil”, “San Luis”, “Salta”,” Mendoza” and Centenario Stadium of Montevideo, Uruguay. Nowadays he, gets out of a jam itself like drummer, educationally and producing technically - musically.

More important discs in which it is possible to listen to his art:

P.R. y sus Redonditos de Ricota: Lobo suelto cordero atado ( 1993)
Luzbelito (1995)
Ultimo bondi a Finisterre (1998)
Momo Sampler (2000)

Indio Solari y Los Fundamentalistas: El Tesoro de los Inocentes (2003) Porco Rex (2007)
El perfume de la tempestad (2010)

Sergio Dawi: Estrellados (2004)
De la Urbe: Joistick (2012)
Besadores enjaulados: Ciudad Domo (2013)

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