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Neal Daniels

Gretsch Artist Since: 
Band or Affiliations: 
Bea Miller, Katy Tiz, Darren Criss
Current Kit Setup: 

Gretsch USA Customs
16x24 BD, 9x13 RT, 16x16 FT, 16x18 FT, 6.5x14 Brass Snare


John Bonham, Jeff Porcaro, Kenny Aronoff, Steve Jordan, Erik Kretz and dozens more!

We asked...Why Gretsch?: 

"I never experienced how good a drum can feel before I played on some Gretsch toms.   They're by far the best sounding and most inspiring drums I've ever played. "

Advice to Aspiring Musicians: 

9 out of 10 gigs probably won't require reading music, but the 1 that does will get you the next 10.