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Michael Miley

Gretsch Artist Since: 
Band or Affiliations: 
Rival Sons
Current Kit Setup: 

USA Custom in Silver Sparkle Nitron
14x26” Bass Drum, 10x14” Rack Tom, 15x16” Floor Tom; 6.5x14” Aluminum Snare Drum.


Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd, Keith Carlock, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, Vinnie Colaiuta, Buddy Rich, Phil Collins, Dave Garibaldi, John Bonham, Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Roy Haynes, Art Blakey, Jim Keltner, Ringo Starr

We asked...Why Gretsch?: 

"When I was growing up, my best friend got a Gretsch and I was always jealous. Years passed and I finally got the opportunity to sign on as a Gretsch artist; truly a dream come true, a desire come to fruition. And to be a part of the lineage, of over 100 years, is definitely a dream come true!"

Advice to Aspiring Musicians: 

"Perseverance is the key. If you want it, stay in the game and never burn a bridge."