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JT Rollerson

Gretsch Artist Since: 
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Current Kit Setup: 

22x18 kick, 14x6.5 snare (2), 10x7 tom, 12x8 tom, 16x14 floor tom, 18x14 bass drum/floor tom


I’m Influenced by Music…PERIOD!

We asked...Why Gretsch?: 

Two Words....Foundation and Consistency! This company has been making quality products for decades, never straying from what really works in great drum making. They’ve also been in sync with the times. Continually creating new products and innovative ideas, all the while keeping that classic appeal!

Advice to Aspiring Musicians: 

I have a “4 P’s Method”
PRACTICE (Every Chance You Get)
PERSONALITY (People should be able to get along with you, Don’t be a jerk)
PATIENCE (Trust that it will happen WHEN ITS YOUR TIME!!!)