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Chaun Horton

Gretsch Artist Since: 
Band or Affiliations: 
Current Kit Setup: 

SA Custom in Black Sparkle (my configurations vary based on the musical situation)
7x10, 8x12, and 9x13 Rack Toms, 14x14 and16x16 Floor Toms, 18x22 Bass Drum , 5.5x14 and 7x14 Snare Drums


Elvin Jones, Brian Blade, Chris Dave, Teddy Campbell, Steve Jordan

We asked...Why Gretsch?: 

"It’s been in my family since I was a kid, my God brother owned a 7 Piece USA Custom (stop sign Badge) w/a wine woodgrain finish, which he still has until this very day, it was the first complete set of drums I brought with my own money."

Advice to Aspiring Musicians: 

"If we are to be the foundation of the band, strive to be an island and be careful not to be a raft."