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Ben Thatcher

Gretsch Artist Since: 
Band or Affiliations: 
Royal Blood
Current Kit Setup: 

USA Custom in Black Glass Nitron
9x13“ Rack Tom, 16x16“ & 16x18“ Floor Tom, 16x24“ Bass Drum, 6x13“ Hammered Chrome over Brass Snare Drum, 8x14“ Swamp Dawg Snare Drum


Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, John Bonham, Chad Smith, Stew Smith, Jon Theodore, Brad Wilk

We asked...Why Gretsch?: 

"Gretsch have a fantastic range of drum's, series and kits. I've always loved the sound and character that I've found in Gretsch drums. From the old classic's to the new stuff that has been made. The team at Gretsch have been very accommodating and supportive for the start at an international level. Let's just say they know what they are doing. "

Advice to Aspiring Musicians: 

"From a very young age, playing drums was all I wanted to do. For me personally, if I was behind the kit I was happy, It did't matter where I was or who I was playing for. At any opportunity to play I would take it. I was that "yes" man. From doing this I learned how to play different types of music, how to play with alongside many different instruments, how to play to click and along side backing tracks. So the advice I would give is to play, learn and enjoy every moment. "