Houston Full of Drums and Cymbals

October 08, 2012

Houston, Tx was the site of three KMCmusicorp events on Saturday Oct 6th , 2012. Cymbalfusion.com located at 5829 West Sam Houston Parkway North #401 Houston, TX, hosted one only three Sabian Cymbal Vote day at independent music shops in Texas. The twelve cymbals being presented for a consumer vote to be 2013’s new production from the Canadian manufacturer were show by Chris De Lise of Sabian. Erik Paulson, owner of cymbalfusion.com pulled in a group of Houston based pro-players and top instructors. Approximately 50 enthusiasts came by to demo and vote for their four favorites during an open house between noon and five. Cymbalfusion.com offered special pricing on the over one hundred SABIAN cymbals the carry in stock.

Two other drum centric happening were staged at Percussion Center, Houston (a division of HiHat Inc.), 6990 Port West Drive #100, Houston. A Cassio Duarte Clinic Introduction To Brazilian Percussion was held from 2-4 pm. Cassio Duarte, an LP artist and clinician hosted a group of 25 percussionist explaining the key instruments used in Samba style drumming, playing technique and how to adapt Samba to modern styles from rock to marching bands. It was also ‘Gretsch Snare Tasting’ event all day Saturday with a fine selection featuring nine Gretsch snares, Gretsch bags and practice pads, and a variety of Gretsch kit on view to be demo-ed and purchased at special pricing. COO of Percussion Center Michael Henry also had snack on hand for his customer to munch while they played all the drums.

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