Gretsch Drums Rekindles its Brooklyn Origins, Introduces New Brooklyn Series USA Drums

January 01, 2012

Brooklyn Kit Shown in Vintage Cream Oyster

Gretsch Drums is pleased to introduce the new Brooklyn series drums, available in the USA in January 2012 and worldwide in April 2012.

Proudly handcrafted in Ridgeland, SC, USA (home to the current USA custom drum shop) by a team of veteran drum builders, the new Brooklyn series pays homage to the original birthplace of Gretsch drums. From 1883 through the late 1960’s Brooklyn, NY was home to Gretsch drums manufacturing. The city and company share a uniquely American story that couples the development of a colorful industrial community with the growth of a globally respected drum brand. Brooklyn’s recent renaissance as a vital cultural center reflects Gretsch’s continued passion for producing industry-standard drums that support and inspire all music styles.

Brooklyn drums project a classic Gretsch tone, but speak with their own sonic personality. The classic tones are modified by the 6-ply North American maple/poplar shells with 30-degree bearing edges and Gretsch “302” 3mm double-flanged hoops. The “302” hoop is reminiscent of the original double-flanged hoops used by Gretsch up until the mid 1950’s. The return to Brooklyn means a return to a Round Badge. The new Brooklyn Round Badge has a black/pewter color scheme with classic embossed Gretsch design. Classic Gretsch USA drum hardware fittings and Silver Sealer shell interiors are included. Classic Gretsch specs combined with innovative Brooklyn specs drive a new Gretsch sound that is full, punchy and warm, mixed with a more open and ambient tonal characteristic.

Satin Finish Colors – Mahogany, Dark Ebony, Tabasco, Emerald Green

Nitron (Wrap) Finish Colors – Vintage Cream Oyster, Smoke Grey Oyster, Ruby Red Oyster, Royal Blue Oyster.

GB-R844 - 18x24, 9x13, 16x16, 6.5x14 (Satin: $3,495.00, Nitron: $3,755.00)
GB-R843 – 18x24, 9x13, 16x16 (Satin: $2,895.00, Nitron: $3,115.00)
GB-E8256 – 18x22, 7x10, 8x12, 14x16, 5.5x14 (Satin: $3,999.00, Nitron: $4,340.00)
GB-E8246 – 18x22, 7x10, 8x12, 14x16 (Satin: $3,455.00, Nitron: $3,695.00)
GB-J684 – 16x18, 8x12, 14x14, 5x14 (Satin: $3,295.00, Nitron: $ 3,540.00)
GB-J683 – 16x18, 8x12, 14x14 (Satin: $2,725.00, Nitron: $ 2,955.00)

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