Gretsch Offers Double Bass Drum for Energy Drum Series

January 01, 2012

Energy GE-E2828 shown in Grey Steel

Gretsch Drums is pleased to introduce the Energy Double Bass Drum (GE-E2828) to cater to the thriving double bass drum set market. The eight-piece double bass shell pack (2-18x22 bass drums, 7x8 tom, 8x10, 9x12, 12x14FT, 14x16FT, 5x14 8-lug snare) is part of Gretsch’s Energy Series, a feature-packed and high-quality option for the beginning drummer.

New for 2012, the initial offering of the Energy Double Bass Drum will consist of 120 kits that will be available in two wrapped finished: Grey Steel (GE-E2828-GST) and Jet Black (GE-E2828-BLK). The toms feature GTS mounts and “quick” sizes that allow for maximum tone, cutting attack, and thunderous low end. Single and double tom holders (mounted onto the bass drums) are included. The immense double bass Energy kit retains classic Gretsch features, including 30-degree bearing edges, 5 lug configuration for 8”, 10” and 12” toms and Gretsch style lugs.

MSRP: $1230.99

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