Fred Gretsch talks about Gretsch die cast drum hoops

November 02, 2009

Why Die-Cast Hoops?

Over the years, I've received a wide variety of questions about specific features on Gretsch drums. Among the most frequent is: Why do you use die-cast hoops?

We fit our drums with die-cast hoops for a number of reasons. To begin with, because they’re precision-cast in a mold rather than rolled from straight bar stock, die-cast hoops are always absolutely round. In addition, their alloy composition makes them thicker and more rigid than rolled hoops. These characteristics help them promote and hold accurate tuning. We've heard stories from drummers who discovered that a tension rod had completely loosened, and yet the drumhead was still held firmly in tune by the hoop.

Gretsch die-cast hoops help our snare drums deliver crisp, powerful rimshots. And cross-stick playing is made easier and more effective by the height of the hoop. On toms, die-cast hoops help produce optimum resonance, warmth, and depth.

Finally, I personally think die-cast hoops add a rich and classy appearance to Gretsch drumkits. Their higher profile (as compared to rolled steel hoops) displays more of their gleaming chrome plating. Put that together with an eye-catching drum finish, and you have a kit that looks and sounds terrific.

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