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Ty Smith

PERFORMS WITH: Easton Corbin

About the Artist

Ty Smith is a musician who was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Find Tupelo on a map, and you will see it's between the blues of the Mississippi Delta, the groove of Stax in Memphis and the country and soul of Muscle Shoals. Growing up around that melting pot of different influences was a major factor on how Ty approaches music.

As a drummer, he has been called to provide a great feeling groove for some of the biggest acts in Country Music. Easton Corbin, Shedaisy. Ronnie Milsap and Trisha Yearwood are a few of the artists Ty has worked with. Being that he also is an accomplished songwriter and has seen his songs sell over 1.5 million units, he approaches drumming from a songwriter's perspective. Where making decisions to lift and inspire the song is always first and foremost. Believing that emotion always wins over technique.

Now living in Nashville, Tennessee, Ty splits his time between touring, writing and producing music. While always looking for the next inspiration to create something beautiful.

Other credits either toured/written or recorded with:

Marc Broussard, Steven Curtis Chapman, Rachael Lampa, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon Show, Rissi Palmer, Brady Seals and Jeffrey Steele.

Ty's Current setup:16 x 24 kick, 13 x 9 tom, 16 x 16 floor tom, 6 inch snare usually.


Fleetwood Mac, Ronnie Milsap, The Band, Jeff Porcaro, Levon Helm, Al Green, Bill Withers, Stax, Al Jackson, Willie Mitchell, Steve Brewster, Anything cut in Muscle Shoals in the 70's or 80's, U2/Larry Mullen Jr., Taylor Hawkins, Paul Leim, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra


Find what you are passionate about in music and throw yourself into it. Be it drumming, writing, guitar, whatever..all the best music comes from the heart of passion.

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