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Didi Negron

About the Artist

Didi has performed with:
Coverband 2010, Plena 3 (Salsa, Plena), Ian Holmes (Gospel R&B), Samuel Hernandez, Flint Face (Alternative-Rock)

Nellyris Negron, also known as “Didi” is quite unique. As a drummer/percussionists she has developed a creative, versatile, style of playing. She has participated in numerous drummer events and contests worldwide and was recently in LP’s 2010 Coverband competition, which she won, taking her straight to the NAMM show 2010 in Anaheim, CA. Didi is known to many as a phenomenal musician because of her “great ear.” She has developed a wide range of talents, including vocals, percussion, drum set and plays around with the bass guitar, saxophone, and even trombone, which have been all self-taught. Didi Negron truly has the natural good ear that most people would die for. Her passion drives her unique character to develop such great skills. Her fierce, self-motivated personality, demonstrates her passion for music. Since the age of seven years old she demonstrated to all those around her that she was not your typical ‘little girl” that wanted to play with dolls, what she wanted for Christmas the year of 1994 a full drum set, to quote “Rock!” Ever since she sat on that “white-pearl drum set” no one has ever been able to get her off the drums.”

Didi has been a performing musician for over 15 years. She is today one of the most compelling female drummers that has influenced many female and male drummers to pursue their dreams and passions as educated professional musicians.

Didi has studied under the influence of Jazz drummer John B from California drum shop in Bethlehem PA, Bob Kaufman, Kim Plainfield, Terri Lynne Carrington, Dave DiCenso, and Ralph Peterson which are all excellent professors at Berklee College of Music. She has also graced the stage with legendary musicians like Karl Perazzo, Chris Coleman, among others. Her professional experiences are well recognized through local gigs and studio work within the PA, NJ, NY, and MA areas. She has also helped local churches near the Bethlehem, Allentown, and Easton areas of Pennsylvania by providing lessons to young children with interest of beginning worship bands for churches. Didi currently considered a triple threat, a teacher, a professional musician, and also the director of her band called 4Truth.

Her fierce drumming styles in Gospel, reggae, R&B, Latin, Latin jazz, jazz, rock, funk, pop styles of music and rhythms have granted her the opportunity to be a student of the world renown Berklee College School of Music in Boston Massachusetts with her major in music performance. Currently, Didi is endorsed by Vater Drum Sticks and Sabian cymbals who the moment they discovered her, they knew she will not just be any drummer that goes by un-noticed, for the potential that this young musician has is truly inspiring. Recently, Gretch Drums and LP Percussion have added her to their list of endorsed artist. Didi is a true inspiration to many, one thing she believes is the respect for women within the music industry.

“Music is not an excuse for the noise that the world makes, music is the beat of my heart heard through the sound of my drum”-Didi

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