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Max Kolesne


About the Artist

Max Kolesne – the one responsible for Krisiun’s brutal blast beats and extremelly fast double kicks – is a self-taught drummer who learned how to play by listening to the records of his favorite bands, and through lots of research and tireless hours of daily practice he developed his own style. Aligning extreme speed, aggressiveness, brutality and accuracy he became one of the most important names of extreme drumming.

Along with Krisiun – which counts also with Alex Camargo (bass/vocal) and Moyses Kolesne (guitar) on its line up – he has an annual schedule of more than 150 concerts throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and South America. Considered by the critics as one of the most original and brutal extreme Metal acts, Krisiun is a reference nowadays and has its name among the most influential metal bands in the world.

Since the first international tour of the group, in 1997 with 20 concerts in Europe, they haven’t stopped. Krisiun has accomplished a remarkable amount of performances and special features in the greatest metal festivals such as Milwaukee MetalFest, Wacken Open Air, With Full Force, Summer Breeze Open Air, Party San and Hellfest.

The release of the eighth record of the band, Southern Storm, reinforces the trio’s growth inside the style. Acclaimed by the specialized media and fans, the third album with the German producer Andy Classen brings great songwriting, consistency, heaviness and a unique feel for combining catchiness and sheer brutality. The atmosphere created by Max Kolesne is aggressive, fast, brutal and precise; qualities that differ him from all metal drummers.

For those who get impressed by Max’s speed and brutality at Krisiun´s albums, he proves his competence when playing live – what can be checked on the band’s DVD Live Armageddon – making it clear that he is a true drummer by excellence.

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