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Kyo Yoshizawa


About the Artist

May 19th, 1978 – Born in Nara, Japan
1991 – Started playing the drum when he jointed the brass band in his junior high school
1998 – Started playing in the bands based in Osaka
2001 – Formed the band “Sekaiichi” as the original member
December, 2003 – Released the 1st Mini Album “KYOU ANOHASHINO MUKOUMADE”; First Live Show at the Fandango, Osaka
April, 2004 – Released the 1st Single “FURIDASHINOUTA”
October, 2004 – Split Tour called “Tottoko Tottoko Tour with HiGE and Anlogfish”
November, 2004 – Band moved and based to Tokyo
April, 2005 – Released the 2nd Single “Ishikorobu” from Toys Factory. (Major Debut)
May, 2005 – Released the 1st Album “Awaiakato Kireinaaoto”
June – July, 2005 – Tour called “Ishikorokorobi Yaoki TOUR” starting from Shimokitazawa Club Que, Shinsaibashi Club Quattro, Shinjyuku Loft and 10 other locations.
November, 2005 – Released the 3rd Single “Niji”; Split Tour called “Sekai Lunk Tour –Bokurano 27nichikan ensou” with Lunkhead (15 locations national wide)
January, 2006 – Tour “Sekaiichi 2006 HATSUBASHOW” in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka , Fukuoka
May, 2006 – Released the 4th Single “In the ART”;Jointed the singer & song writer Ai Iwasaki’s “Ameonna” of “Amegaagattara”
June, 2006 - Released the 2nd Album “art in the EartH”
August, 2006 – Tour called “EartH Aza-su Tour” with many bands (11 locations national wide)
September, 2006 – Jointed the recording of Mr. Maeda’s (Electric Guins) solo album releasing in January, 2007.
October, 2006 – Tour called “EartH Aza-su Tour” in Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka
November, 2006 - Tour “More Tough Tour” in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai

Current Activities - Recordings and live performance in Tokyo. Plus joint the artists and other bands’ live performance and recordings.

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