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Chris Cester


About the Artist

Chris Cester's earliest drumming days date back to living room jam sessions at his parent’s home in Melbourne, Australia. Along with his brother Nic, Chris first started playing air drums and guitar, rocking out to the Beatles, Wings and The Rolling Stones. After acquiring his first real drum set Chris began playing live at the age of 15, in bands with his brother. They went on their own to form Jet in 2001.

With Nic on lead vocals and guitar, Jet was soon joined by Cameron Muncey on lead guitar and Mark Wilson on bass, Chris’s trashy and swinging style was first heard on Jet’s EP, Dirty Sweet, which was originally released in 2002. The band sold out of the first 1,000 copies so quickly that they were forced to press another 1,000 records. Jet became an instant success and were signed by Elektra Records in 2002. Dirty Sweet was then re-released by Elektra in 2003 and the band began receiving international recognition.

After the release of their EP, Chris and the other member of Jet went into the studios to record their hit album, Get Born (2003). Before the album was even finished, Jet was asked to open for The Rolling Stones on the Australian portion of their 2003 tour. The singles “Cold Hard Bitch” and “Are You Gunna Be My Girl”, were hugely successful and skyrocketed the band’s popularity. Jet toured extensively and did not go into the studio again until 2006, when they recorded Shine On. This album also received much acclaim and further assured Jet’s place in the world of retro-rock. Both Get Born and Shine On have become multi-platinum selling albums.

Chris uses: Gretsch USA Custom 4 piece kit.

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