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Duane Norman

PERFORMS WITH: Crystal Gayle/Nashville Studios

About the Artist

Duane Norman is an independent/studio drummer based in Nashville, Tennessee. He performs and records with an amazing array of artists in almost every genre of music.

Duane is comfortable in musical settings ranging from a jazz trio to a symphony orchestra. He relies on That Great Gretsch Sound to help him create his own unique signature sound.

Duane will be touring this fall in support of multiple Grammy award winning artist Crystal Gayle’s latest release; Greatest Hits. The CD will feature Crystal’s 16 #1 hits as well as her 21 Top 10 singles. It will also include one of the 10 most often performed country songs of the 20th Century, “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.”


I have been fortunate to travel the world playing drums. I’ve been on multiple tours which have taken me around the globe.

We asked... Why Gretsch?

I always wanted to play Gretsch drums as far back as I can remember. They are the epitome of what drums should sound like. The quality and attention to detail is just amazing, truly beautiful musical instruments. It gives me a sense of pride to be playing drums that have been a major part of music history for the past 125+ years!

Recordings you've played on

Kami Lyle – Where Music Meets Film Cecil Welch – Too Little Time Boots Randolph – “Live” Perry Danos - Sway Crystal Gayle – A Night With Crystal Gayle Gail Davies – Since I Don’t Have You Sylvia Thompson – For The Love of Jazz Crystal Gayle – Am I That Easy To Forget? Jamey Kelly – Mosaic Heart


I am influenced by a wide variety of drummers in all styles of music. I feel that everyone has their own unique voice on the drums and it can influence my playing differently. I like almost every kind of music so I try to be open minded.


Practice, stay focused, be open minded, stay healthy and play Gretsch drums!!

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