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Stan Frazier


About the Artist

Early ambitions:
I remember I saw a band at a tennis club party and thinking it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. Also, just falling in love with music at an early age and wanting to make my own music got me hooked. It was a cool release to be able to write your own songs with your friends and put a band together just for fun. That's how my first band, the Tories, got started. My brother Greg also influenced me into music and got me into learning an instrument. Bands early on that I liked were The Police, The Jam, The Who, The Clash, Devo, Foreigner, E.L.O., Elvis Costello, The Damned and Engelbert Humperdink.

Music is a huge hobby of mine even when I'm not playing with the band. Either listening or relaxing to my favorite records or whatever, it's a huge part of my life. Golf - I love golf. I try to play as often as I can, and I like to play with our bass player Murf if he's not hungover. But it seems like there's never enough time. Sometimes you get to play in tournaments with guys from other bands like Adrian from No Doubt and Warren and Dave from The Vandals. I did one of those in Vegas last year and it was cool. Fishing - I like saltwater mostly but occasionally I'll do freshwater fishing. The biggest fish I ever caught was an 85lb Tuna in Cabo San Lucas. I'd love to buy a small fishing boat someday. Cooking I am always in pursuit of the perfect kitchen! I love to cook. I'm not cutting edge or inventing anything, but fresh ingredients are the key to any great dish. From tomatoes and basil, to tarragon and sea salt, anything fresh like that you can get your hands on is good. I don't have any favorite recipes, I just cook out of magazines and stuff. There are good things that come from cans, but just the aromas, and the taste of things are better when they're fresh. Farmers Markets are good places for stuff like that. I wanna build my dream kitchen someday with see-through refrigerators and big stoves and tons of gourmet cooking stuff. Then I'd just get fat eating all that good food.

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