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Chris Warner

PERFORMS WITH: Butcher Babies

About the Artist

Chris Warner was born in Long Beach California and has been residing in Los Angeles his entire life. Chris' first Christmas he received a Mickey Mouse snare drum christmas tree ornament. On his 4th christmas he got a kids drum set. Needless to say, Chris was destined to be a musician. At the age of 15 he finally got his first "real" drum kit and it was none stop from then on out. He attended SAE Institute for audio engineering and recording in Hollywood Californa and graduated in 2009. Chris is known best from his band Butcher Babies.

We asked... Why Gretsch?

In 2008 for about a month I was out testing new kits. One of the first stores I happened to visit had a Gretsch New Classic. It was an all Maple shell and a beautiful Dark Cherry Red color. I was pumped on that kit! I thought, this is only the first kit I'm into, so I'm going to keep looking around. I visited other stores thinking I may have found something, but caught myself always coming back to compare it with the Gretsch New Classic. This happened numerous times spending lots of gas money and time traveling around. Nothing could compare to the punch and attack on the toms, being that I do a ton of fast drum fills. This was exactly what I was looking for to cut through the live sound and recordings. I like a lot of attack on the kick and that's what it had! Well I woke up one day to go look at drum kits again and all that was on my mind was Gretsch!! So instead of going searching for that perfect kit, I had realized that the perfect kit had already found me.

Recordings you've played on

Scars of Tomorrow, "Rope Tied to the Trigger" 2004 Victory Records
Scars of Tomorrow, "Horror of Realization" 2005 Victory Records
Butcher Babies "Self Titled EP" 2012
Butcher Babies "Goliath" 2013 Century Media Records
Butcher Babies "Uncovered" EP 2014 Century Media Records


Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Sepulture, to bands like Blink 182, Silverchair, Pennywise. and way to many to name!!


Keep Dreaming BIG, never give up, practice hard, love it, and most of all have FUN!

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