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Matty Amendola

About the Artist

Talented, versatile and uniquely-determined, Matty has been playing drums professionally since the age of 13, has recorded on a countless number of albums, released two of his own and has quickly become a recognized producer and songwriter. In 2008, he started the independent record label, 825 Records, delivering material from a wide-ranging roster of artists (Fleet Walker, The Lovegoods, Jay Shepard). He has landed world-wide broadcast licensing placements, developed dozens of independent artists from the ground-up and recorded and shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry including Adam Levine and Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble.

A Brooklyn native, Matty has been making big moves and is being recognized for his work in the New York City and national music scenes. Don’t let his young looks fool you – this experienced musician started on drums at age five, and within a few short years he was sneaking into bars and clubs to sit in with as many musicians as possible. As a teenager, Matty started working as a musician for hire, making his mark performing on major television shows, national tours and studio work with some legendary heavy hitters. Read on....

We asked... Why Gretsch?

I was born, raised, and still reside in Brooklyn, NY just like Gretsch. After hearing Gretsch’s Brooklyn Series kit, I knew I couldn’t be behind any other drum set. I’m a long lost family member and now I’m home…

Recordings you've played on

Various international commercials for MetLife (composed, performed, and produced), other composing for National Geographic TV, live performance events for Nike and IBM. Produced and played on records such as Fleet Walker’s Morning Void, Jay Shepard’s Harsh Mistress, Influenced’s She Does and hundreds of other commercial releases. Have appeared live on drums with Adam Levine, Ty Taylor ( of Vintage Trouble), and others listed in bio.


The Beatles, Jon Brion, Stevie Wonder


It’s the space between the notes that really count.

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