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Oscar Santiago


About the Artist

Oscar was born in NY, raised in Puerto Rico and has been living in LA since 2004. Drummer and percussionist for Ill Nino, Ankla, Puya and Ortiz. Collaborations with Dave Lombardo and Thomas Lang. Ambassador of Latin metal drumming for more than a decade.

We asked... Why Gretsch?

The best on planet earth

Recordings you've played on

Ill Nino - Enigma, Ankla - Steep Trails, Persistence, Puya - Areyto, Ramon Ortiz - Ortiz


Stay clean and always be inspired. Practice at all times

Gretsch Marquee Series

New from Gretsch® Drums, the Marquee series delivers explosive, open tones, professional features and rock solid performance at an accessible price. Marquee shells combine 7-ply North American maple with a slight softer maple species that are cut with classic Gretsch 30-degree bearing edges and fit with 2.3mm triple flanged hoops.

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Gold Series Snares

Gold Series drums use high-grade materials consisting of boutique-level craftsmanship and appointments.

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