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Jean-Paul Gaster


About the Artist

Jean-Paul Gaster is considered by many fans to be carrying the torch of John Bonham—Earth-shaking power and impressive fluidity matched with a precise touch and deep groove—into today’s generation. But he’s so much more than someone carrying on a legacy of one of “The Greats”: he’s a great drummer with a style all his own.

Gaster proudly sites a wide range of influences from Elvin Jones to the Bad Brains’ Earl Hudson to the go-go music native to the Washington D.C. area of his childhood. In his early twenties—and already with a couple years of road experience—Jean-Paul realized that he wanted to spend his life playing drums. He began studying with renowned D.C. jazz-drummer/teacher Walter Salb, under whom Jean-Paul learned about playing time, was exposed to Ted Reed’s seminal drum-book “Syncopation” (which he continues to study daily), and soaked in Salb’s weekly big-band rehearsals, saying “Just watching those rehearsals was a lesson in itself”. Gaster has turned that instruction and his eclectic tastes into one of the true hidden gems of music today.

Jean-Paul’s main gig is with rock’s reigning groove-kings, Clutch. The band has carved out their place in the music industry for over twenty years and Gaster and his band-mates have shown constant musical evolution and a versatility to deliver everything from Black Sabbath-like heaviness to nitty-gritty blues with equal authenticity. All the while, the drummer utilizes his love of jazz to bring a swinging feel sorely lacking in today’s rock.

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