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Archibald Ligonnière

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About the Artist

Archibald Ligonnière was born on September the 19th 1992. Already in the summer of 1992, his passion for drumming was revealed. As he grew up, he inherited his family's drum set, and standing upright and barely reaching the Hi Hat, he started to sing and drum at the same time. This went on until he started playing whith his father who played the keyboards, in 1997.

During the school holidays, Archibald meets musicians (often jazz musicians) in jams or clinics : Loïc Pontieux, Michael Boudoux, Jean-Marc Lajudie, Alain Debiossat (Sixun)...

His first influences, were Simon Phillips, The Chick Corea Elektric Band, Sixun, UZEB, Tribal Tech... The discovery of Dave Weckl was a disruption for him. And in 2003, thanks to Fabrice Bonin (Yamaha Drums) Archibald met him at the Jazz In Marciac Festival.

When Archibald discovered the Pat Metheny Group, music became his bible. Step by step, he learned to listen to other musical styles : Funk, Electro, R’n’b’, Pop (E.W.F. Sting, Chic, Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk, Jamiroquai, Prince...) and he also admires film music (Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat...)

It’s in 2004, at the age of 12, that he entered for the first time in the famous parisian Jazz Club : Le Baiser Salé. He met François Constantin and Eric Serra (GoldenEye, The Big Blue). Nowadays he is one of the regular "members" of the place !

In September 2006, Archibald moves to Paris. It’s there that he will meet and play with musicians like : Hadrien Féraud (John McLaughlin), Damien Schmitt (Alain Caron), Yoann Schmidt, Michael Lecoq, Vincent Bidal, Catia Werneck, Eric Serra, Gildas Boclé (Gary Burton, Michael Brecker, Diana Krall), Nelson Veras, Christophe Raymond, Jim & Jon Grandcamp, Stefan Filey, Fred Dupont, Michael League (Snarky Puppy)...

In 2010, he incorporates the band of Gildas & Jean Baptiste Boclé « Keltic Tales», with this band, they recorded at ONE SHOT NOT, a TV show introduced by Manu Katché on Arte TV.

In 2011, he incorporates a blues band called Big Dez, who he's been playing with in lots of clubs in France, Spain and Holland. In 2012, he created with Fred Dupont & Romain Berguin, the Fonkyballs. An electrodance band, formed by two keyboard players and one drummer.

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