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Alan Cage


About the Artist

We asked... Why Gretsch?

Because Gretsch have made and continue to make the best drums out there!

Recordings you've played on

Beyond-No longer at Ease 1989, Burn-7” 1990, Quicksand-7” 1990, Quicksand-Slip 1993, Quicksand-Manic Compression 1995, Seaweed-Actions and Indications 1999, Gardener- New Dawning Time 1999, Burn-Last Great Sea 2002, Cardia-Silverthree Sound Recordings 2003, New Idea Society-Somehow Disappearing 2010


John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Sly Dunbar


Keep it fun!

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For years, Gretsch’s Catalina Club has been the go-to drum set for versatility and reliable tone.

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Gretsch Marquee Series

New from Gretsch® Drums, the Marquee series delivers explosive, open tones, professional features and rock solid performance at an accessible price. Marquee shells combine 7-ply North American maple with a slight softer maple species that are cut with classic Gretsch 30-degree bearing edges and fit with 2.3mm triple flanged hoops.

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