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McCoy Gibbs

About the Artist

McCoy Gibbs is a drummer and vocalist living in Nashville, TN. Growing up all over Florida, McCoy was influenced by a myriad of music. From the Eagles to Michael Jackson to Harry Connick Jr. to Tonic to Earth Wind and Fire, the vast array of styles have shaped him into a well rounded musician. After high school, McCoy ventured up to Music City to attend Belmont University. After graduating, music kept him here and has kept him busy.

We asked... Why Gretsch?

Five words, “Man, your drums sound great!”_That is something a drummer never gets tired of hearing. I play Gretsch for the tone, the feel and the consistency. Not only do they sound great night in and night out, but my shells are versatile enough to get specific tones that may be needed in that random studio session when the artist wants an array of styles and sounds. I never have to question if I have the right gear.

Recordings you've played on

Phil Keaggy & Randy Stonehill-Rockin’ in a Hard Place, Hot Chelle Rae- Masquerade, Jacob and the Bear -Self Titled EP, Ryan Webber -Take it Outside, Travis James-I’ve Got Your Number


Tonic, Michael Jackson, Stone Temple Pilots, Heart, Eagles, Earth Wind and Fire, James Taylor, The Temptations, and my Dad


Show up on time, learn your parts, don’t be a jerk to anyone, and smile every once in a while. Remember that very few gigs pay by the note. Play the song and, of course, practice.

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For years, Gretsch’s Catalina Club has been the go-to drum set for versatility and reliable tone.

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Gretsch Marquee Series

New from Gretsch® Drums, the Marquee series delivers explosive, open tones, professional features and rock solid performance at an accessible price. Marquee shells combine 7-ply North American maple with a slight softer maple species that are cut with classic Gretsch 30-degree bearing edges and fit with 2.3mm triple flanged hoops.

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