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Johnny Radelat

PERFORMS WITH: Gary Clark, Jr.

About the Artist

Born to Cuban immigrants in Jersey City, NJ and raised in Miami, FL. Johnny discovered drums at the age of 5 and became quickly possessed. In high school, he participated in drumline and while attending the University of Florida, his education continued as he started touring professionally. He toured with regional Soul, R & B, and Reggae bands: playing drums, writing songs, and singing lead vocals from behind the kit. Johnny graduated the University of Florida with a BS in Psychology, while simultaneously launching a music career.

After graduating from college Johnny moved to Nashville, TN where he recorded two Reggae/Rock albums.

In 2006, Johnny made the transition to Austin, Texas, and immediately found work with the Greyhounds, a nationally touring funk/soul act. In addition to the Greyhounds, Johnny played with five different bands of five different genres, seven nights each week, as well as touring with these groups. In a city rich in variety and diversity in music, Radelat became adept at many different styles of music prior to meeting/jamming with Gary Clark Jr.. Johnny began touring with GCJ, playing every major music festival, national and international, as well as a string of sold out club shows. Johnny's philosophy defers to being economical over technical, emphasizing the groove and song momentum. " ...playing drums, creating/writing music, and performing at shows is not a choice for me, it's how I maintain my sanity! "

We asked... Why Gretsch?

I have always loved Gretsch Drums. From the 66 Gretsch kit I found at a yard sale to the Maple New Classic. The rich sound as well as the rich history of these drums resonate with me. Many of my favorite drummers, all the way back to 'Papa' Jo Jones used Gretsch. The Gretsch family respects tradition. They know 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it': sticking to tried and true methods while applying innovation. This just happens to be my goal as a musician!

Recordings you've played on

-9 Miles " 9 Miles "
-9 Miles " Broken hearts and microphone"
-Soulphonics " Vol. 1"
-Greyhounds "spring training"
-Lisa Marshall " stay right here "
-Mr. Brown (Ft. General Smiley) " Invisible to You "
-Lost Counts " Found "
-Gary Clark Jr. " Raw Cuts Vol. 1 "


Papa Jo Jones, Gene krupa, Earl Palmer, AlJackson, Aston & Carlton Barrett, Leroy "horsemouth" Wallace, Jon Bonham, Keith Moon, Bob Marley, Keith Richards, krs one, dj premier, the Funk Brothers, James brown!

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