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Kris Mazzarisi


About the Artist

With a style that “runs from hard-core bashing to Stewart Copeland complex”, this beat keeper incorporates his influences into each fluid performance ever mindful of the importance of supporting the song. Though a longtime fan of Bad Religion, Earth Crisis and the 90’s hardcore scene, Kris’ iPod also has music from the Police, Squeeze, Nirvana, New Found Glory and Bruce Springsteen.

Drumming since grade school, Kris’ school band practices mixed easily with private lessons and his earlier bands’ local successes. Forever sharing practice time with his younger brother resulted in a musical bond that eventually led to their first signing with E.V.L.A. / Atlantic Records. Kris’ first major label national touring band supported shows for Sugarcult, Third Eye Blind, Eve6, Maroon 5, Jack’s Mannequin, Finch, Need To Breathe and Better Than Ezra as well as headlining countless shows themselves.

Kris later toured with Atlantic Records recording artist Ryan Star on a 70 plus city tour opening for American Idol winner David Cook followed by a summer tour with Collective Soul and is featured with Ryan's band in the video 'Right Now'.

A drum enthusiast from the beginning and a veteran of both the NY and LA club scene, Kris enjoys the road travel that allows him the opportunity to meet so many fans, answer their questions about his playing and to speak about his gear choices. He continues to welcome session calls - playing for multi-platinum record producer Ron Aniello on The Sequel project. He keeps up to date on the latest in drums and technology. A college graduate with an IT degree, the hard-hitting creative stickman has a soft spot for his Mac and graphic design. Happily welcomed into both the Gretsch Drums and Meinl Cymbal families, Kris continues his long term relationship with Pro-Mark Drum Sticks and Evan Drum Heads as he takes off on tour this summer in the live drum chair with Grammy nominated LMFAO as his road continues to unwind.

We asked... Why Gretsch?

I love the warmth and tone of Gretsch drums. Gretsch makes beautiful finishes and amazing hardware. The drums are so easy to tune. Best drums out there period.

Recordings you've played on

Bandcamp, The Sequel, Spirit Animal, Greener, Special Guest Star


Stewart Copeland, Dave Grohl, Gilson Lavis, Cyrus Bolooki, Tony Fagenson, Josh Day, Dennis Merrick, Bobby Schayer


Practice to a metronome, wear hearing protection, practice as much as you can.

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