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Kim Kicks

PERFORMS WITH: Satellite Sky

About the Artist

"Kim Kicks has quickly become known as one of the best rock drummers around, with enough energy to light up a small city, fusing humor and flash with a loud, dominating stage presence… like a female version of the Animal from ‘The Muppets’, with true musicianship.”

-Devon Wendell, International Review of Music

Kim's current setup:
Renown maple cobalt sparkle fade
20” kick,
12” Rack tom,
14” floor tom
14” snare
two x crash (18” & 19”)
20” ride

We asked... Why Gretsch?

I was given a Gretsch kit in appreciation for helping out a friend. I have since used that kit and loved it. The sound that can be pulled from the 20”kick is awesome. .. it’s not the size that matters!!!!..but how you use it! Being in an independent band, I have had to carry my kit around and pack it into small cars on tour so the 20” kick served it’s purpose while still getting a great sound out of it.
I was then loaned a Gretsch maple snare and it has travelled the world with me. I love the durability and the sound…my drums get quite a beating and have to be a great product to survive.


As far as drummers go...Animal (the muppets), John Bonham (Led Zep), Dominic James (Muse)), Paul Hester (Split Enz/Crowded House), Mike Bordin (Failth No More), Will Calhoun (living Colour), Ketih Moon (The Who), Derrick McKenzie - (Jamiroquai), all the "Funk Brothers" drummers.

I admire any artist in any artistic field whether it be music, photography, painting, sculpture, etc, who does anything that is awesome and unique and does it out of passion because they live, breathe, sleep and dream it - Artists who pursue their dreams and passions no matter what.

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